Who Am I?


I grew up somewhere between Wisconsin and Iowa, not very far from the Mississippi River, where I dreamt of far-off worlds and their strange inhabitants. I enlisted in the U.S. military and traveled all over, learning that those far-off worlds weren't very far away and sometimes the real world was stranger than anything I dared imagine.
These days, I can be found in Maryland alternating between life as an interactive products designer at a federal agency, and being a husband and father at home, happily sharing stories and solving problems as the situation requires.



I'm a storyteller at heart - I love to start with "what if..." and see where the answer takes me. My first story began with a wheelchair-bound man rescuing a little girl, but that sounded boring. I asked "what if she was hiding something" and the rest of the story unfolded with mysterious strangers hunting her because she can change her appearance at will.

I'm also a gamer - especially ones that encourage players to create stories about their characters or settings. Recently, I've had success with running games of Fiasco at several area gaming conventions. If you aren't familiar with it, think of a movie where events spiral out of control for the actors, like "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?", and ask yourself how you'd make things worse if you were one of the actors.

I'm a futurist - I don't make predictions, only look at current trends and imagine what sort of future they might produce. There are specific processes used by futurists that tend to make for more credible results and I encourage you to learn more at the World Future Society.

Lastly, I'm an avid reader - any decent author reads and not just in the realms where they write. If you'd like to see what I'm reading (or what I've read), visit me at Goodreads.com, an online community for readers.